More 2007 books…

Just been looking at my “Coming Soon” personalised recs on Amazon – there are some I’m definitely interested in!

BelladonnaABBelladonna by Anne Bishop – March 2007
I love Anne Bishop’s writing, and this is the second book in her second Ephemera duology.  Ms Bishop is incredibly good at world-building and bringing the story to life.   Read the excerpt from Belladona here.  While I’m eagerly looking forward to this book, I’ve heard that she is writing another book set in her Black Jewels world, which I absolutely love!  Bad news is that it’s not coming out anytime soon, 2008 at the earliest, I believe.

WarlordWarlord by Elizabeth Vaughan – March 2007
Warlord is the third book in Ms Vaughan’s fantasy trilogy (hmmm… I sense a pattern here – where are the stand-alone novels!).  The first (Warprize) starts off the story arc:  the heroine surrenders herself to the enemy to save her people – except it doesn’t turn out to be a sacrifice as such.  The second (Warsworn) continues the tale, but if I remember correctly, both can be read independently.  I’m assuming that Warlord concludes the story, and can’t wait to read it!

VisionsofHeatVisions of Heat by Nalini Singh – March 2007
Ms Singh’s first book set in this world (Slave to Sensation) generated incredible online buzz – mainly due to a blogging experiment carried out by  I was initially sceptical, but finally succumbed to the positive reviews almost everywhere and picked it up.  It was a good read, and I’m glad that it was publicised online, because to be honest, I wouldn’t have given it a second look otherwise in the bookstore – too many paranormal romances out there nowadays and umm… purple covers aren’t quite my thing!

Roll on March!

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