Books I bought today…

… because I couldn’t face the crowds on Oxford Street.  So I decided to spend some time in the bookstores instead.

Four Georgette Heyer crime / mystery novels, reissued by Arrow Books.  What can I say – I’m a sucker for covers.

Dorothy Sayers’ Hangman’s Holiday – a collection of her short crime stories.  I’m starting to get into her books now – possible glom coming on…

Nancy Holder’s Daughter of the Blood – sequel to Daughter of the Flames, which I read the other day.  Briefly, Isabella DeMarco discovered she was Gifted (i.e. she can read stuff from objects, magical strength, etc etc) and that all the baddies were after her.  Urban fantasy set in New York and heroine works as a civilian for NYPD.  Mysterious Frenchman as her umm… mystical guardian (sort of) and an NYPD cop as her boyfriend make up the love interest(s) in this story.  Apart from the fact Ms Holder wrote a few too many conversations in French (which I don’t understand), I liked it enough to buy the second book in this series.  Also, £3.99 – which in my mind means that I can afford it even if I end up hating it!

I would put up pictures but can’t be arsed to do that right now.


2 thoughts on “Books I bought today…

  1. I love Dorothy Sayers! If you like her short stories, you’re going to love her longer books. The first couple of books in the Lord Peter Wimsey series are “merely” good, but when Harriet Vane enters the picture, in Strong Poison, they become amazing.

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