Review – Blue Blood by Susan McBride

Happy New Year!

BlueBloodI thought I’d kick off the New Year with a review of Blue Blood, the first book in the Debutante Dropout mystery series, written by Susan McBride.  I was hoping this would be similar to the style of Denise Swanson’s Scumble River mysteries, which have been a solid B for me.

The storyline – Andrea (Andy) Kendricks should be a deb, but to the horror of her high society mum, Cissy, she’s determined to lead a ‘normal’ life as a web designer.  One of her old college friends is accused of murdering her boss at the restaurant Jugs (and no, it’s not a family restaurant), and Andy goes undercover to clear her friend’s name. 

I liked the glimpses we had of Cissy and her housekeeper, Sandy, and thought that Ms McBride was setting up the cast of supporting characters well.  There’s a hint of romance as well, with Andy falling for the lawyer who’s representing her friend.  Good mystery plotline (bearing in mind I’m useless at spotting villains).

So far so good.  And after a slow start, it was starting to look promising. 

Unfortunately, in the second half of the book, Andy has not one but two – two! – TSTL moments, which immediately downgraded the book to a C for me.  Aaarrgghhhh. 

So nope, I’m not going to buy any further books in this series.  I’m going to try Deborah Donnelly’s wedding planner mystery series next.  The excerpts on her website look good – will keep you posted!

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