Review – Crazy Sweet by Tara Janzen

Sigh.  Christmas is now definitely over and it’s back to work.  I suspect we’ll see a decrease in my blogging frequency now as well!

Anyway, I read Crazy Sweet by Tara Janzen yesterday.  I’ve had it for ages, but never got around to actually reading it because I was worried about the direction these books were heading.  I really really liked Ms Janzen’s Steele Street series – I thought Superman / Katya were fantastic, I loved Kid Chronopoulos and was eagerly waiting to see Dylan Hart and Skeeter Bang get together.  And was horribly disappointed when they got together in Crazy Love – the review says it all.

CrazySweetAnd now, we have Crazy Sweet, where Travis James is matched up with Red Dog.  Umm… where to start?  Travis has been one of the secondary characters from the start of the series, but his character was changed drastically in the last book – from a gentle “wouldn’t-swat-a-fly” sexual imprinting therapist to a gun-toting macho SDF agent (never mind the sudden change in his love interest).  So I decided to try and read this book as though I was brand-new to the series and knew nothing about his backstory.

Did it succeed?  To some extent, yes.  But I never felt involved in Travis’s and Red Dog’s relationship.  I was much more fascinated by the secondary relationship in this book – between another SDF agent (C Smith Rydell) and the heiress he rescues on a mission.  And you know what?  Halfway through, it struck me the reason I liked their scenes was because they read like a Suzanne Brockmann SEAL book.  And having made that realisation, it wouldn’t go away.

Like Ms Brockmann, Ms Janzen has two very separate storylines running through the book.  Unlike Ms Brockmann’s books, the disparate storylines never meet up – it was like reading two completely separate stories.  I really didn’t like the jumps between the primary and secondary storylines, e.g. Chapter 1 = Travis/Red Dog in Denver, Chapter 2 = Smith / Honey in El Salvador, Chapter 3 back to Denver, Chapter 4 in El Salvador, etc, etc.  I couldn’t help thinking that she should just have split the book up and published two separate novellas.

Overall grade C-, only saved from a D because of Smith’s and Honey’s story…  See, and that leads me to my next problem – I like Smith and Honey, I really do.  So do I go out and buy their story, or bearing in mind previous character transformations in this series  – will Smith end up as a pacifist and Honey… ummm, a gun-toting macho SDF agent?


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