More Books Coming Soon

When stuck for inspiration, listing books that I’m waiting for (“soon” being a relative term here) is always a good idea…

ClaimedByShadowClaimed by Shadow (Karen Chance) – April 2007
Sequel to Touch the Dark – ummm… there are vampires, the heroine is a clairvoyant, you get the idea?  It was a good read, though – I ‘ll have to do a re-read  to refresh my memory before I get the second book in April.

PlumLovingPlum Lovin’ (Janet Evanovich) – January 2007
Actually, this may already be out…  Stephanie Plum novella issued to tie-in with Valentine’s Day.  Chapter 1 excerpts have been posted on Ms Evanovich’s website.  Now my dilemma is – do I like Stephanie Plum enough to shell out £11 for this 176-page book in hardcover?  Probably not.  I’ll wait until the paperback comes out.

NoHumansNo Humans Involved (Kelley Armstrong) – May 2007
I love Ms Armstrong’s books so this will be an auto-buy for me – another book in her Otherworld series (werewolves, witches, psychics, etc).  She has free stories on her website – go see!  Hmmm… just realised that this is coming out in hardcover – her first, I believe.


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