Around the Web

Having spent the past few hours surfing the internet, here are some new (to me) pieces of info: 

Kelley Armstrong’s publishing a free online graphic novella during 2007 – the first couple of pages are up.  Hah, for some reason, Elena looks nothing like what I pictured her to be!  Looks very interesting indeed. 

The mystery subgenre I tend to read most is called Cosy Mysteries – that name seems to fit, somehow:  “… amateur sleuth mysteries with lots of characterization, no
graphic violence, and maybe a hint of romance”.  Now I know.

There’s a whole proper Alternate Universe (AU) for Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan world – the main fanfic story is “A Deeper Season“, set after “Memory”.  Fascinating stuff, and the authors do capture Ms Bujold’s style quite nicely.  Warning: It is Miles/Gregor slash, so don’t read if that isn’t your sort of thing – or if you don’t want to picture anything other than the canon Vorkosigan universe.

Isn’t the Internet a wonderful place?


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