What I’m Reading Now

I meant to post some reviews this week, but work (and dodgy Internet connections) got in the way. So while I’m not sure when I’ll actually have time to write them up properly, here are some one-paragraph summaries of the books I’ve been reading lately.  Full reviews to come…

042521343901_aa_scmzzzzzzz_v58782347_.jpgOver The Moon – Paranormal romance (let the debate commence continue) anthology with Angela Knight and Mary Janice Davidson as the lead authors.  The other two are Virginia Kantra and Sunny (new author who is slightly controversial, see her Amazon reviews).  The only author I’m familiar with is Ms Davidson, and she delivers what you would expect, if you’ve read any of her Betsy or Wyndham (werewolves) stories.  Overall, just so-so (i.e. I didn’t feel the need to run out and get any of the authors’ backlists!).

044023703301_aa_scmzzzzzzz_.jpgDeborah Donnelly‘s Wedding Planner series – Okay, I’m officially hooked on this series, which starts with Veiled Threats.  I really like Ms Donnelly’s voice and I love the romance developing between the main character (Carnegie) and her partner (Aaron).  But (and this is a big BUT), she does cliffhanger endings.  And I mean cliffhanger.  Okay, the ones in books two (Died to Match) and three (May The Best Man Die) weren’t that bad, but the last sentence in book four (Death Takes a Honeymoon) nearly led me to have a “Book, meet wall; Wall, meet book” moment.   Especially since Amazon, in its infinite wisdom, decided to send book five (You May Now Kill the Bride) separately (yes, I ordered her entire backlist).  Book six (Bride and Doom) had a very nice wrap-up, so Ms Donnelly may have decided to change the way she ends her books (please say so!).  So great series, but if you do start, make sure you have the next books handy.  Especially if you’re hooked on the Carnegie/Aaron romance storyline.

042521347101_aa_scmzzzzzzz_v60650474_.jpgDemon Angel (Meljean Brook) – Well, I had to get this because of the huge online buzz!  Currently I’m still in the medieval bit where Hugh and Lilith are still getting to know each other, but I’m really into it (and halfway in love with Hugh).  This is shaping up to be a pretty good book and I’m completely buying the relationship between Hugh/Lilith – fingers crossed it continues along the same path…


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Now

  1. Rosario – I’m really liking this book (and I think your review was spot on – well, apart from the ending, as I haven’t read that far yet)! Btw, congrats on your MBA – that is very cool!


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