Hurray – More Books from Amazon…

PlumLovingAmazon may just go bankrupt without me!  Another delivery today…

Janet Evanovich’s Plum Lovin’ – *sigh* I’m still thinking that this was an utter waste of money…  I’m such a sucker.


You May Now Kill the Bride – The fifth book in Deborah Donnelly’s Wedding Planner series – FINALLY.  See yesterday’s post on cliffhanger endings that should never ever be allowed. 

080955653701_aa_scmzzzzzzz_v49811924_.jpgAnd heh.  The infamous Best New Paranormal Romance anthology edited by Paula Guran.  Taking a quick look at the authors, I only recognise a couple of names – Catherine Asaro (I’ve all of her SF Skolian Empire books, but haven’t really been impressed by her fantasy novels for Luna), Elizabeth Bear (I’ve seen her books around in the SF / F section, but have never bought one) and Delia Sherman (she co-authored “Fall of the Kings” with Ellen Kushner).  I’m keen to read this and see how many of these stories I would classify as Paranormal Romance. 

On a related note, quite a few SF / F authors nominated for Romantic Times awards are blogging about it.  Elizabeth Bear has listed all the nominees, this is John Scalzi’s reaction and here’s Brandon Sanderson’s.

It’s interesting to see how the RT awards are viewed from the other side of the fence – there’s a bit of “Hey, didn’t know my book was considered a romance”, but there’s also a bit of “Great, romance readers will now know my name…”.   All in all, it’s a really positive reaction!

As for the nominations themselves, I’ve read a good number of the Fantasy books but none of the SF ones.  I reckon I actually read less SF than I think I do…

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