Authors Websites…

Remember those days before the internet?  When the first time you heard about an upcoming book was when it was actually out on the bookstore shelves?  Or was that just me… 

Anyway, it’s incredibly easy nowadays to find out about upcoming releases on the internet.  And the easiest way to find more information is by Googling the author.  Because practically every single author nowadays has a website.  The basics include a bibliography, maybe some bio and FAQs.  A bit about upcoming books and works in progress.  And some even have lovely free stories or deleted scenes or behind-the-scenes type stuff.  Blogs are always interesting, but a “Latest News” page works just as well – obviously, provided it’s updated regularly!

And then you get those without any web presence whatsoever.  Arrrrgghhh.  Main offenders…

034548652801_aa_scmzzzzzzz_v47569509_.jpgLinda Howard – I so wish she would start a website.  Look at this book.  Doesn’t the cover look great?  Don’t you want to find out more?  Yes and yes.  All I can find out is that it’s a hardcover, out in June 2007, and by the looks of the cover, it’s probably a contemporary romantic suspense.  Err… okay, that’s way more than I would have known before the days of the internet, but still, some indication of the storyline would be good.  I want the back-cover blurb! 

Sharon Shinn – The closest I’ve found is this unofficial website, which is more or less up-to-date (and the owner appears to be in contact with Ms Shinn).  There is also a pretty comprehensive interview with Ms Shinn up at the Dear Author website (dated Oct 2006).

Some snippets of information from both of these sites:

  • The fourth book in her “Twelve Houses” saga will be released in Oct 2007. This book is tentatively titled “Reader and Raelynx”.  Hurray – I can’t wait!
  • A new YA title, tentatively titled “General Winston’s Daughter”, is planned for this coming fall.  From the Dear Author website:

This one, also a fantasy book, takes place in a world that’s roughly equivalent to the 19th century era when Britain ruled the world. A young girl travels to a fabulous and unfamiliar place that has just been invaded by the armies of her home country; her father is the general leading the troops, and her fiance is the second in command. But the longer she lives there, and the more she comes to care about the country, the more uneasy she is made by the realities of imperialism. 

I love her YA books as well – heck, I just love everything she writes!  I think the title isn’t that descriptive though, I wonder if it will change before publication?

  • There will be at least two collection/anthology inclusions, including the next “Powers of Detection” collection (edited again by Dana Stabenow) – probably 2008.  I wonder if she’ll set them in Samaria?

Sigh… For what it’s worth, the website is great at listing bibliographies for numerous authors, together with lists of books coming soon.


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