I Want…

I really wanted to get Patricia Briggs‘ new urban fantasy novel Blood Bound, but it wasn’t out in the bookstores yet.  Sigh.  It’s officially due out in February, but I was hoping that some stores may have received their copies early… 

ontheprowl300.jpgOn the news front, according to her website, she’s writing a story for an anthology called On the Prowl coming out in August this year, with these authors:

  • Eileen Wilks – I’m halfway through Ms Wilks’ new book Blood Lines and really enjoying it.
  • Karen Chance  – I re-read her debut novel, Touch the Dark (urban fantasy, with a clairvoyant getting mixed up with vampires) the other day, and liked it even better the second time around.  Her next book, Claimed by Shadow, is out in April.
  • Sunny – I’m reserving judgement on her books until I read one of her full-length novels, as her contribution to the Over the Moon anthology was more of an interlude between her two novels than a story.  I’m waiting for her first book, Mona Lisa Awakening, to be issued in mass market paperback before buying.

Judging by the title and the cover, it’s going to have shapeshifters as a common theme.  It’s definitely going on my To Buy list.

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