New Books…

I’ve been a bit lazy with blog updates lately.  Ummm… I’m very busy at work.  Is that a valid excuse?  Seriously, I haven’t even enough time to read new books lately, let alone go blog-hopping.  I need a holiday.

Moving on to book-related stuff, I received a massive delivery from Amazon yesterday – and I didn’t even remember ordering some of the books.

“Blood Bound” by Patricia Briggs finally arrived, and I’ve already started reading it.  I love Ms Briggs’ books – I’ve all of her traditional fantasy books and I think her urban fantasy series has got off to a really good start.

What else arrived?  Oh, Roberta Gellis‘ second and third books in her medieval mystery series that I blogged about previously – I’m excited about them too.  The only thing is that the fourth book in this series is published by a different house (a small publisher called Five Stars apparently), and is more expensive than the first three.  Oh well, I’ll see how much I like these books before I decide whether to get the fourth.

And a new YA book I bought based on an online blurb (what can I say – teenagers nowadays have great books to read) – Ally Carter‘s “I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’ll Have to Kill You” is about a girls’ boarding school… where they’re trained as spies.  Brilliant concept, and I’ve linked to the first chapter on Ms Carter’s website.  If I like this as much as I think I will, I’ll definitely post a review.

Some of the other books that arrived:

  • John Scalzi‘s “Old Man’s War” – Never read any of his books before, but I like his blog *grin*.  It’s a SF book.
  • Elizabeth Hoyt‘s “The Raven Prince”  – This historical romance has been getting really good online press, I admit I have rather high expectations for this one.
  • Emma Holly‘s “The Demon’s Daughter” – I liked her other book in this series “Prince of Ice”. 

And there were more too, but then this will turn into a really long post.

Also, on a trip to Books Etc today, I somehow ended up buying books five and six in Elizabeth Peters‘ Amelia Peabody series (even though I knew I had a ton of books waiting to be read!).  Now, I’ve read the first three books, but not the fourth.  And they didn’t have the fourth book in stock, dammit.  Now, I’m slightly anal about reading books in order, but I’m thinking that it probably doesn’t matter as much for this series because they’re all very much stand-alone… but I don’t want to!  Ah well, I’ve so many other books to read right now – I’ll keep an eye out for that elusive fourth book when I (hopefully) go shopping tomorrow.

Time to stop blogging and start reading, methinks!


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