2007 Reads to Date… and Blog Stuff

I’ve just spent the past hour trying to organise my blog pages.  I’m using this blog to keep track of my reading, and was listing all books (i.e. those read and those to-be-read) on a single page – which was rapidly becoming rather unwieldy.

So… I’ve now created three separate pages, all with hopefully self-explanatory titles:

I’m wondering if I should create another page to track my wishlist of books coming out soon – but that would be a bit too organised…

Anyway, doing this yielded some stats:


  • I read 31 books in January (excluding re-reads).  Now that’s a pretty high number even considering the fact I read really fast, but it’s probably because work-wise I, well, had nothing much to do.  Can I admit that?


  • I only read 14 books during February (though there is still four more days to go) – and that’s because I’ve been a lot busier at work (as evidenced by my blogging frequency as well *grin*).


  • There are 20 books in my TBR pile.
  • Four have been there since early January – I don’t know, should I just mark them as DNF?  I’ve started all of them, but haven’t really the inclination to finish them.
  • 14 arrived last weekend in my massive Amazon delivery – and I’m looking very forward to reading most of them.

Now, if I was really really organised, I’d look at the quality of reads as well…  nope, not anytime soon.  Generally though, a quick look at my Jan and Feb lists suggests that although I read fewer books in February, I really liked the majority of them.  Make sense – especially as I know I went on a couple of mini-gloms in February (Elizabeth Peters, Roberta Gellis and Jim Butcher, if you’re interested!). 

I do need to do some more blog stuff at some point – including adding a blogroll.

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