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Some Sharon Shinn news first (she’s one of my favourite authors, and writes fantasy with strong romance undertones):

  • Via her unofficial website:  She’s publishing a fifth book in her Mystic & Rider series – hurray!  Also, an anthology with four novellas set in each of her worlds (publication date yet to be confirmed) – this sounds strangely familiar to me somehow. 
  • Via SF Signal: one of Ms Shinn’s stories (“The Double-Edged Sword”) has been picked up for inclusion in an annual anthology “Year’s Best Fantasy 7”, to be published in June of this year.

On a completely unrelated note, All About Romance has published the results of their annual reader poll.  I find the results slightly surprising, but then again, I admit I didn’t vote.  I find their ballot form just too complicated and time-consuming – yes, I’m rubbish… 

A couple of comments nonetheless:

  • Elizabeth Hoyt won “Best New Author” – I must get around to reading “The Raven Prince”, which is currently languishing on my TBR pile, as I’m just not in a historical romance mood. 
  • I’m very surprised at the negative votes for Julia Quinn‘s “On the Way to the Wedding” – while it’s not the best of her books (and hey, she sets high standards), it is by no means the worst romance I’ve read in 2006!

The analysis of the results is an interesting read, especially since it has mini-interviews with the winning authors, including a couple of my favourites, Linda Howard and Jo Beverley.


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