My Sunday Trip to the Bookstore…

Or bookstores rather.  There’s this area in Central London where there are several great bookstores within easy walking distance of one another.  First up, on Charing Cross Road, you have a Borders – this isn’t as large as the one on Oxford Street, but it’s still pretty good for romance, mystery and SF / fantasy. 

A couple of minutes down the road is a small bookstore called Murder One – yes, they stock crime and mystery novels, but they also have a very comprehensive romance section.  Good for US imports (i.e. books released in the US, but not yet in the UK) that Borders don’t have, but they are admittedly on the pricey side.  I go there if I *have* to get a new release straightaway, as they are really good at getting the latest books.

Just five minutes away around the corner, heading down Shaftsbury Avenue, there’s a Forbidden Planet – yes, the website has loads of action figures, comics and toys, but in the basement of the store, they have a fantastic SF and Fantasy book section, and even with a special section for Fantasy Romance!

I could happily spend the whole afternoon browsing through these three bookstores, followed by a wander around the Covent Garden shops – especially if it’s a lovely sunny day, as it was yesterday!

Anyway, I did come back with a few books – of course.

Firstly, “Warlord” (Elizabeth Vaughan), which was on my March book list.  I’ve already started it, and it’s shaping up to be an interesting read.  I didn’t bother to re-read the first two books in this trilogy before starting this one, and there are a couple of references to events in the second book that I can’t quite remember.  Not enough to take me out of the story, but it’s slightly annoying…

I also bought Keri Arthur‘s “Tempting Evil”, the third book in her Riley Jensen Guardian series (paranormal romance with werewolves/vampires, set in Australia).  Despite having read the first two, I still haven’t quite made up my mind about this series – after this book, I’m hoping I’ll have decided whether to continue or not!  The publisher did that clever trick of issuing three books in consecutive months, which definitely persuaded me to pick this one up, as the last two are relatively fresh in my memory. 

Finally, I bought a new-to-me author, Susan Wright‘s “To Serve and Submit” – it’s a fantasy novel, with shades of BDSM, I think.  The back cover blurb from Library Journal said it would appeal to fans of Jacqueline Carey, and while I do take blurbs with a pinch of salt, I thought I’d give this one a shot.  My impulse buy of the day!

And finally, my sister dropped off her copy of Nora Roberts‘ “Angels Fall”, which I still haven’t read.

That TBR pile is growing ever larger…

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