Around the Web

None of this is breaking news, but in case you haven’t heard…

Eloisa James has posted an extra chapter of “Pleasure for Pleasure” on her website – you have to register, but that’s a fairly easy process.  If you were a fan of her Essex Sisters series (and I was), the short chapter catches up with the sisters ten years later – it’s a sweet epilogue to the entire series.

Kelley Armstrong has revamped her website.  There are also excerpts from her upcoming books “No Humans Involved” and “Exit Strategy”.  The former is part of her Otherworld series, which is probably one of the series that kicked off the whole paranormal trend.  “Exit Strategy” on the other hand, starts a completely new series – suspense, but with no paranormal elements.  I’ve loved all of Ms Armstrong’s books, so I’m definitely getting both when they come out.  

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