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0345496876_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v24223295_.jpgWhile I was looking for Naomi Novik’s covers for my last post, I also came across the cover for her next Temeraire book, Empire of Ivory, due out 25 September 2007 according to Amazon.  I reckon the publisher (Del Rey) is favouring strong colours for this series – the first book was red, the second green, the third black, and now blue.  Definitely eye-catching, though, and it fits in nicely with the rest of the covers of this series.

Blog news:  Twisted Kingdom has relaunched – it’s a reader blog focusing primarily on fantasy books.  To celebrate, it’s running various contests – go visit! 

On an aside, I’m still working on that blogroll of mine – it’s a lot more time-consuming than I expected.  I was going to export all my Bloglines subscriptions and then import them into WordPress, but for some reason, WordPress doesn’t like the OPML file.  So I’m having to do it manually, and I do about five at a time, before getting bored and giving up…

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