More Nominations…

On the heels of the RITA finalists announcement, the Hugo nominations (roughly the RITAs equivalent in the SF/F world) have just been released:

  • Naomi Novik‘s “Temeraire / His Majesty’s Dragon” (depending if you live in the UK or the US) has been nominated for Best Novel.  She’s also been nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer.
  • Another familiar name nominated for the Campbell Award is Sarah Monette (“Melusine” and “The Virtu” – dark fantasy set in a very compelling world).  Her third book in this series, “The Mirador”, is coming out in August 2007.
  • Brandon Sanderson, who was brought to the attention of romance blogland by Dear Author *grin* is also up for the Campbell.   For the record, I’ve read his first novel, “Elantris”, and liked it – it’s a good read.  It’s that rare thing in today’s publishing world – a stand-alone fantasy.  Yep, and no plans for a sequel (as far as I know).  It has a slightly unusual chapter structure where events are repeated from different viewpoints.  He also has a good website with lots of bonus-type content, e.g. his take on various chapters, etc, which makes interesting reading when you’ve finished the book. 

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