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0312349491_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v42704093_.jpgThe cover and blurb for Janet Evanovich‘s “Lean Mean Thirteen” (out June 19) is up on her website.  The second excerpt was due to be posted today, but has been delayed slightly.  Ms Evanovich’s latest book “Hot Stuff”, co-authored with Leanne Banks, is out next week – excerpt here.  I’m in two minds on this – I’m a huge fan of her Stephanie Plum series, but haven’t really gotten into the Full series that she writes with Charlotte Hughes.  I haven’t read anything by Ms Banks before either.  “Hot Stuff” will be in paperback though, so I’ll probably have a look if I see it in a bookstore.

Kelley Armstrong‘s Spring newsletter (PDF file) is out.  Also on her website are excerpts from “No Humans Involved”, her Otherworld novel which is due out in May this year.  Even better, because “No Humans Involved” is being published in hardcover, she’s offering free goodie bags to readers who purchase it before May 15 – details here.  She has a fantastic website, by the way, with bonus materials plus free online stories – here’s her 2007 online novella, which is published in monthly installments (sort of, it’s interspersed with the graphic novella).

2 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. You’ll have to post if you like it! I’m not sure if I will read it – I like Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and NASCAR series, but like I said, I don’t really get the Full… series. And I haven’t really enjoyed her re-released standalone books either, so I’m completely on the fence for this one.

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