Upcoming Historical Romances…

I tend to post a lot about fantasy and mystery books, so here are some historicals for a change.

0345476913_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_.jpgMary Jo Putney has a third Guardian novel “A Distant Magic” coming out in August.   Oh err… wait, that’s a fantasy, isn’t it?  But it’s set in Regency times (probably), and so counts as a historical in my book!  I loved Ms Putney’s Fallen Angels series, but I’m not entirely convinced by her fantasy books.  I’ll still get this though.  I’m also slightly confused as I thought I read somewhere she was writing fantasy as MJ Putney, and romance as Mary Jo Putney, but this cover has her full name – hmm… maybe I just made that up!  It’s a beautiful cover anyway.

Julie Anne Long‘s final book in her Three Sisters trilogy “The Secret to Seduction” is out in May.  I like her writing and think that it’s faintly reminiscent of Julia Quinn.  I remember loving her first couple of stand-alone books, “To Love a Thief” and “The Runaway Duke”, but not so much the books in this trilogy.  I’m keen to find out the resolution to the overall story though, so this is on my Buy list.

0451221494_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v46673742_.jpgJo Beverley has “Lady Beware” coming out in  June – the blurb:

Lady Thea Debenham thinks her only problem is a stained ball gown, but in the deserted corridors of her home she meets Vile Viscount Darien. Her life will never be the same.

This is part of her Regency-set Company of Rogues world.  I’m definitely getting this – her books have such rich detail and bring the historical background to life.  Her Malloren series, set in Georgian times, is just as good.  I really like stories set in the Georgian period (incredibly masculine men dressed to the nines in lace and jewels – what’s not to love?), but for some reason, it seems to be much less popular than the Regency era.

And Jayne Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick has “The River Knows” coming out in April.  It’s hardcover, so I’m probably not getting this – I’ve stopped buying her hardcovers now, as unfortunately it can be a bit hit-and-miss sometimes.  However, I’m hopeful as it doesn’t sound like one of her Arcane Society novels, which I just don’t get on with!  I loved her Amanda Quick books way back when, so maybe this will be similar to her early writing style.

0515143553_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v44905602_.jpgAnd okay, let’s sneak this in – she (under her Jayne Castle pseudonym) is also releasing a fourth Ghost Hunter book “Silver Master”.   Yes, I know – coff-tea and all (this is the series that uses “coff-tea”, isn’t it?) but I like them!  I’m definitely getting this one.  On a side note, did you know Ms Krentz was apparently one of the pioneers of paranormal romance – “Sweet Starfire” (1986) was the first futuristic romance…

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Historical Romances…

  1. I’d heard that about the MJ Putney and Mary Jo Putney names, but I also remember hearing the MJ thing hadn’t really worked out.

    And I *think* the coff-tea was in the Orchid-Amarillys-Zinnia series, but not in this one. Don’t worry, you get similar stuff, LOL!

  2. Interesting – I suppose long-time romance readers wouldn’t necessarily recognise the MJ name, while fantasy readers wouldn’t know it at all, so it didn’t necessarily expand her audience.

    Re JAK, funnily enough, I think her Jayne Castle books are closest in style to her earlier contemporaries, such as “Family Man” and “The Golden Chance”, which I loved. Ahhh, her “Flower” books and coff-tea…


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