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Via SybilJulia Quinn‘s new release “The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever”, out in June.

At the age of ten, Miranda Cheever showed no signs of Great Beauty. And even at ten, Miranda learned to accept the expectations society held for her–until the afternoon when Nigel Bevelstoke, the handsome and dashing Viscount Turner, solemnly kissed her hand and promised her that one day she would grow into herself, that one day she would be as beautiful as she already was smart.

And even at ten, Miranda knew she would love him forever.

I’m excited about this one, not least because it’s *not* about the Bridgertons.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the family, but now that she’s finished with the immediate family (she has, hasn’t she?) – any more and they’ll be in danger of becoming Stephanie Laurens’ Cynsters, what with the latest book being about a Cynster’s in-law’s second cousin’s half-sister…  Okay, I made that up, but you know what I mean.

0749938323_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v23241071_.jpgAnyway, I went searching for more info on Ms Quinn’s release – here’s the UK cover.

And she’s posted about it on her forum – which, by the way, is now combined with Eloisa James’ board.  Here’s what she has to say about the book:

Well, first of all, it’s not in the first person and I don’t think it’s like ROMANCING MR. BRIDGERTON. In fact, I didn’t even notice the similarities of the set-up until I was writing a short blurb on it, and went–duh!

I actually wrote this book over ten years ago. For various reasons it never made it onto the publication schedule. But last summer I pulled it out, spent over two months tearing it apart and putting it back together again, and voila! So it’ll be interesting if people see flashes of my older style of writing.

Oh! And NO ONE calls him Nigel. He’s Turner through the whole book.

Also, a bit further down in the same post, she’s actually posted the first few lines of the book, which are extremely intriguing – go read!  I’m so definitely getting this!

3 thoughts on “Another Historical…

  1. I’m excited about this one too. I really enjoyed the Bridgertons, but I’m not too sorry they’re over. I’ve only tried one non-Bridgerton Quinn–Minx, which was a DNF. I’m hoping this one works better for me.

    That UK cover looks quite chick-lit-ish, doesn’t it? Is there no US version yet?

  2. There’s a US cover (follow the link to Sybil’s blog), which I actually prefer to the UK one. I think it’s slightly unusual in the sense that there’s no one pictured, though I suppose there could be a stepback inside with another image.

    I’ve noticed that there appear to be two recent trends for UK covers:
    1) The chick-lit cover – All of Julia Quinn’s UK book covers look like the one in this post. I’m not too keen on them personally, but they must sell!

    2) The painting detail cover – Eloisa James has these for her UK editions, as do the latest Georgette Heyer re-issues.

    Example here:

    I quite like these for historicals, but it’s funny how they convey a completely different image compared to the US cover. Compare the UK cover of “Much Ado About You”, to, say, the US cover for “The Taming of the Duke” – you wouldn’t think they were in the same series 🙂

  3. The painting covers are gorgeous. I’ve seen the UK Heyers and was very jealous because they are waaaaay better than the new HQN US covers. They’re classier looking.

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