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Tracy Grant is one of my “Where are they now?” authors.  She wrote two books “Daughter of the Game” and “Beneath a Silent Moon”, and then completely vanished from the publishing world.  It’s been a while since I read them, so I’ve forgotten the exact details, but I remember what stood out was the fact the second book is set before the first book. 

Errr… so what, you may ask?  Well, one of the main plotlines in the first book focused on cracks in Charles and Melanie’s marriage arising from earlier deceptions and lies, so it was interesting to re-visit them in the second book, when they were (mostly) blissfully unaware of what was going to happen.  It’s not something all authors can – or want – to do.  I suppose one exception was Stephanie Laurens’ prequel to her Cynster series “The Promise in a Kiss”, which was Sebastian and Helena’s story (Helena being the matriarch of the Cynster family).  I thought it was lovely as a stand-alone book – but knowing beforehand that Sebastian somehow produces a love-child and dies young(ish?) doesn’t make the HEA ending quite ring true… 

Going back to Ms Grant, “Daughter of the Game” is also one of those few romances where it starts off with the main characters already happily married with children.  It’s different enough to be refreshing – I only recall reading one other book that started off like that, it was a M&B by one of the well-established names, maybe Susan Napier or Emma Darcy?  I liked that one too. 

Anyway, there is a point to these ramblings – Ms Grant posted on the AAR boards that her new book “Secrets of a Lady” (September 2007) is actually “Daughter of the Game” re-issued under a different name in trade size, so not a new book, unfortunately.  However, there is a “bonus” addition in the form of letters between Charles and Melanie.  Ms Grant also said she will be updating her website shortly (probably about time because it was last updated in 2003!) and also starting a blog to keep us readers updated on her books.

In other news around the internet, Laurell K Hamilton has posted the first chapter of her next Anita Blake book “The Harlequin” (June 2007).  Now say what you will about the latest Anita books, but this one has Edward – errmmm… do you think Anita will end up sleeping with him?  It’s the first time I’ve seen the cover as well, and it is rather striking.

And Karen Chance has confirmed the next Cassie Palmer book is out in May 2008, with another book “Midnight’s Daughter”, set in the same universe, coming in October 2008.  I’m definitely looking out for them.


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  1. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your interest in my books and for passing along the information about “Secrets of a Lady” and my (soon to be updated) website.


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