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I posted previously about wanting to get Sharon Lee and Steve Miller‘s “Web of the Trident”, which was “indefinitely delayed” for an unspecified reason.  I’m now guessing this is why – their publisher Meisha Merlin has closed its doors.  Sigh.  I’m not sure what that means for future Korval stories.  However, the authors are still doing their online serialisation “Fledgling”, which is set in the Korval universe.

There is an interview with the Dabel Brothers here (via SFBC), who are probably best-known in the romance world for their Anita Blake comic books.  Halfway down, they make mention of Kinley MacGregor‘s “Lords of Avalon” series – apparently, that’s going to be turned into a comic too.  Interesting!  Ms MacGregor is probably better known as Sherrilyn Kenyon (err… that may depend on whether you prefer historicals or paranormals) – but anyway, I would have thought there would have been a larger audience for her Dark Hunter books, as opposed to the LoA series.  Of course, I say this not having read the LoA series…


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