May Books

Another month, another batch of new releases…  At the moment, there are only two books which I *must* get this month – at least for now!

AllTogetherDeadCharlaine Harris‘ “All Together Dead” is out *happy dance*  I do like Sookie and her world.  And there are rumours that there is a lot of Eric in this book.  Though having said that, I’ve a soft spot for Sam… NoHumans

 The second book is Kelley Armstrong‘s “No Humans Involved”.  I admit I haven’t really warmed to Jaime Vegas, who is the first-person narrator for this book, but Jeremy intrigues me and I’m looking forward to reading more about him!


2 thoughts on “May Books

  1. LOL – her crush is quite funny. I haven’t yet ordered it from Amazon because I just know the day after I order it, I’ll see it in the bookstore and be kicking myself because I can’t buy it *now*.

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