I have “No Humans Involved”!  Just in time for the weekend, which just happens to be a Bank Holiday weekend as well.  It’s all good!  Now if only I could get hold of the latest Sookie Stackhouse…

I know I’ve been rubbish at blogging over the past week – things at work have been hectic.  Really.  Anyway, around the Internet, if you don’t already know – Kelley Armstrong has been guesting at Twisted Kingdom and The Good, The Bad and The Unread this week.  There’s also a Charlaine Harris interview up at SFREvu – no hugely interesting bits of info, though.

What else?  I wasn’t going to get the new Amanda Quick book “The River Knows”, mainly because it’s in hardcover (and I’m already getting two hardcovers this month) and well, her books have been a bit hit-and-miss recently.  My resolve has been wavering though, because I’ve read three excerpts so far, and they have that old JAK (or Quick rather) sparkle.  Here’s the latest excerpt (scroll to the 29 April post).  Sigh – I’m tempted.

Oh, and check out this comic strip someone forwarded me – “The Seven Stages of Falling in Love with An Author”.  It’s scarily familiar.

2 thoughts on “Wheeee…

  1. “The River Knows” is ok, but yes, I haven’t see anything “new” from Amanda Quick lately. I don’t love her books as much as I’ve loved her older ones and her characters are always all-too similar. There’s a bit of a different take in “The River Knows,” though I think the characters had the convenience of too much luck, that it was not as exciting as it could have been.

  2. I still haven’t read “The River Knows” – am holding out for the paperback! I haven’t been as excited about her books ever since she started doing the paranormal stuff, both in her historicals and contemps.

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