April Reading

So what did I read during April?  17 books in total (full list here) but some thoughts:

I finished the final Amelia Peabody book “Tomb of the Golden Bird” *sigh*.  I do hope Elizabeth Peters writes another.  Though I suspect she might have to dig up some of Amelia’s missing journals, else you’ll have a 70+ year old Amelia running around her Egyptian tombs and pyramids.  Heh.  That could be interesting.  

I tried to ease through my Amelia Peabody obsession by reading other Elizabeth Peters books – I started the Vicky Bliss series with “Borrower of the Night” and have the others in this series on order from Amazon.  I’ve also been reading other stand-alone books by Ms Peters (mysteries with Gothic overtones mostly) – they’ve been mainly B- books for me.  

On the romance front, I finally read a few books I’ve been meaning to read for ages:  Lisa Kleypas‘ first contemporary “Sugar Daddy”, Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ “Natural Born Charmer” and Elizabeth Hoyt‘s “The Raven Prince”.  Unfortunately, none of them blew me away – still Bs though.

I’ll post my thoughts on Ms Phillips’ and Ms Hoyt’s books soon, but on “Sugar Daddy” in particular – it was weird, but I kept on thinking of Judith McNaught while I was reading this.  Maybe it was the “rags to riches” storyline and how everything just worked out perfectly.  Liberty was just a bit too good to be true for me, but I did like Hardy and Gage.  It also pretty much felt like two separate stories in one book for some reason.  Despite this, my feeling is that Ms Kleypas can write contemporary, even though I prefer her historicals.  Her follow-up book to “Sugar Daddy” will still be on my To Buy list (update on sequel here – with spoilers if you still haven’t read “Sugar Daddy” as it reveals who Liberty ends up with). 

Fantasy – it was mainly sequel month: I read Jim Butcher‘s third Codex Alera book, Karen Chance‘s “Claimed by Shadow” and Anne Bishop‘s “Belladonna”.  Again, all good books, but none that I fell in love with.

And finally, one new-to-me author who I discovered this month – John Scalzi, who writes SF (my thoughts on his “Old Man’s War” here), and whose books I’ll definitely be buying going forward.


7 thoughts on “April Reading

  1. On Elizabeth Peter’s website there is a small paragraph mentioning that she is currently working on a new Vicky Bliss mystery, so I don’t know what the likelihood of another Amelia Peabody book is. Elizabeth Peters is over 80 years old herself.

  2. I didn’t know Peters was that old, Marg! Though withe the number of books she’s written, it shouldn’t surprise me.

    I think I’m going to wait for Natural Born Charmer in pb. 🙂

  3. I didn’t realise she was that old either. Makes sense though, since some of her books I have date back to the 60s / 70s. I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for another Amelia Peabody, huh?

    “Natural Born Charmer” was actually my first SEP 🙂 While I didn’t love it, I’ll keep an eye out for more of her books. I suspect references to past Chicago Stars characters completely went over my head in this one.

  4. I’ve been eyeing her Barbara Michaels in the bookstore 🙂 May get a couple the next time I’m there – they sound a bit more gothic than her EPs.

  5. Some of her Michaels titles are more gothic than others. Ammie Come Home is a real chiller, but a terrific read, and it has two sequels: Shattered Sik and Stitches in Time (Silk is more of a straight-up mystery and Stitches has some supernatural elements as well as traditional mystery elements). And Be Buried in the Rain is my favourite Michaels book, and one I re-read every summer.

    I would love to see a new Vicky Bliss, although I think MPM has tied up loose ends very well in both Vicky’s and Amelia’s lives. If there are no new ones, I will just be glad she’s left so many great books for us to continue to enjoy.

  6. Oh, excellent – thanks for the recs! I wasn’t quite sure where to start with her Michaels books, so I’ll keep an eye out for the ones you mentioned.

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