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The Royal Mail will be issuing Harry Potter stamps – err… I’m probably going to be really sad and actually buy them.

Here’s an interesting interview with Jacqueline Carey on Fantasy Book Critic (link via SFBC).   She’s publicising her latest book “Kushiel’s Justice”, which is out June 14 – that’s definitely on my Must Get list.  She writes dark fantasy – or in her own words:

…alternate historical fantasy with lots of intrigue, adventure and sex. The writing style is fairly baroque and the books have a streak of dark eroticism…

A second excerpt from “Kushiel’s Justice” is also up on her website.

The first review I’ve seen of Laurell K Hamilton’s “The Harlequin” is here (link again via SFBC).  The last paragraph is particularly interesting:

Fans of the old Anita Blake will be happy to see a departure from the gratuitous sex seen in Danse Macabre and Incubus Dreams as this book focuses less on Anita feeding the ardeur and more on the dynamics of the triumvirates and the interaction between the paranormal community.

Hmmm…. what say you?


3 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I say bring it on! Laurell started out as a fantastic author- her books were filled with unusual plots, strong, pop-off-the-page characters, enough romance to keep the story light and just an entire community all to itself. After Narcissus in Chains and the advent of the ardeur, things just went downhill. I keep reading the next book in the series in the hopes that Anita will be redeemed and that Laurell will rediscover her storytelling abilities that lie OUTSIDE of the bedroom. That’s not to say the sex isn’t great, but if I wanted to read a sex scene on every other page, I’d read her Meredith Gentry series. I’m really looking forward to Edward being back, and hopefully the old Anita that we all knew and loved 😉

  2. SilverMoon – you summed up my exact feelings on LKH. I’ve given up on the Merry series after the last book (what was that all about – about three scenes in total and no plot whatsoever), but I’m still hoping for the old Anita Blake to return. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the review’s accurate!

    Rosario – Heh. I suspect Potter-mania will take over the UK in July, and the stamps will sell out within a day, but I’ll still keep an eye out for them.

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