Time to Catch Up

I got back yesterday, after a rather hectic trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo.  In the past week, I reckon I’ve spent more than 40 hours in airports and on planes – and then there were the trains and taxis and… let’s just say I’ve spent more time travelling than I care to remember in the past seven days.  It was my first time in Tokyo, so that was pretty cool – but then again, I didn’t really get to spend much time sightseeing.  It was very much hotel-office and vice versa.  Surprisingly, I didn’t really get jetlag apart from the first night, when I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Anyway, I’m very very glad to be home again – and also that my broadband access is sorted out!

21tjnkkpi-l__aa_.jpgDespite the long flights, I spent more time sleeping than reading – the only book I finished was Dave Duncan‘s “Children of Chaos”.  I loved his King’s Blades novels, so bought this a while ago and decided that it would make a good airport book.  Err… that would be if you didn’t mind the typical fantasy cover, with a large furry grey monster and half-clad girl on it.  I’m not easily embarrassed – though I certainly didn’t wave it in front of my work colleagues *grin*. 

“Children of Chaos” is the first of a duology, and follows four siblings who were taken as hostages in order to guarantee their father’s good behaviour – their father being the Doge of Celebre.  I find Mr Duncan’s books very readable and this was no exception – though the scenes where he described the effects of prolonged shape-shifting may not be your thing if you’ve a weak stomach.  It’s an very interesting and imaginative world, and I’ll be picking up the second book “Mother of Lies” to find out how the story concludes.  Excerpts here on the author’s website if you’re interested.

21n-fbkjfjl__aa_.jpgI also picked up Colleen Gleason‘s “Rises the Night” in HK – this is her second book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles series (five books in total, IIRC).  The first book wasn’t really my thing – to me, Victoria seemed just a bit too modern for the Regency setting.  But “Rises the Night” has been getting good reviews, and so I decided to give this series another go.  I’ve just read the first couple of chapters so far, and it appears to be a bit more angst-y, with Victoria struggling to get over the events in the first book.  Whether I still feel if she’s too modern for her times remains to be seen.  Oh, and like the first book, this one has a great cover.

Other books read in May – Charlaine Harris‘ “All Together Dead” – not the best in the Sookie Stackhouse series, but I’ve got a thing for Eric.  Oh, and a new (to me) gem – Jacqueline Winspear‘s Maisie Dobbs books.  These mystery books are set in the 1930s after WWI – I read the first book (“Maisie Dobbs”) and immediately picked up the next two in the series, “Birds of a Feather” and “Pardonable Lies”.  More about Maisie Dobbs to come…


3 thoughts on “Time to Catch Up

  1. I am a fan of Maisie Dobbs too! I’ve read the first three, and bought the fourth but haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say about them. 😉

    And Hong Kong and Tokyo?! Wow, I am jealous. 😀

  2. Good to hear from you two that the Maisie Dobbs books are good, as I just got the first two in my latest M-Bag (an absolutely HUGE 2-in-1 edition). Ok, I’ll pick them up as soon as I finish the Anne Perry I’m reading.

    PS – Too bad you didn’t get much time to sight-see in Tokyo. It’s such an amazing city! I, too, was lucky enough not to get jet-lag when I travelled there, even though there’s a 12-hour time difference with Uruguay (we’re literally in the antipodes!). Probably because I just can’t seem to sleep in planes, so by the time I got there, which was in the evening, I didn’t care that it was actually 9 in the morning back home; I just fell into bed and slept until the next morning.

  3. I definitely want to go back to Tokyo for a proper visit – it was amazing and so very different from any other place I’ve ever been to. The only downside is the 12-hour flight, because it was work I flew business (which was fantastic as well 😉 ) but I could never justify it otherwise!

    Maisie Dobbs – I don’t know why I’ve never seen these books before, I read the first in one sitting. The post-WWI setting and the psychology elements are unusual and the romance subplot is so bittersweet!

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