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Hurray – it’s the weekend!  A lovely sunny one as well, it’s quite a change from the freezing weather we had a week ago when I seriously considered digging out my winter coat.  Unfortunately, I went out last night and am feeling slightly err… delicate today, so I’ve just spent the afternoon having a bit of a nap instead of making the most of the sunshine.  Oh, and this post may not be hugely coherent.

But anyway, moving on:

In case you haven’t heard, a few peeps in romance blogland have started a new site called Romantic Advances – the aim being to collate info on all upcoming releases in one place.  It looks very cool indeed and the tagline “Building the TBR mountain… one book at a time” is hilariously spot-on!

Author Tracy Grant who I mentioned the other day has a new website – there’s more information on her upcoming release “Secrets of a Lady” (“Daughter of the Game” released under a different title).  I actually like “Daughter of the Game” better as a title – while “Secrets of a Lady” suits the storyline just as well, it strikes me as being a bit too generic.  “Daughter of the Game” on the other hand, is a bit more evocative and mysterious.  I’m guessing that it’s referencing the Great Game (though actually, isn’t that between Britain and Russia?  My knowledge of history is abysmal).  Regardless of the title though, it is a good book and I really really hope Ms Grant gets to publish her third book in her Charles/Melanie series, which is titled “The Mask of Night” – now I like that title *grin*

Mary Jo Putney has posted an excerpt of her upcoming release “A Distant Magic” (July 2007) on her website.  Also, two great pieces of news from her latest newsletter:

In one last bit of news—A Distant Magic will be my last hardcover for the foreseeable future.  I’m changing publishers and will be returning to paperback originals, which I’ve wanted to do for some time now.  Romance readers like to buy their books, and you can  buy four paperbacks for the price of one hardcover.  I want my books to be affordable!

The first book won’t be out until early 2009 (no date or title yet), and it will be classical romance with no fantasy, since that’s what the editors wanted when my agent and I went shopping for a new house.  So those of you who have been wishing for that can celebrate!

Wheeee… cheaper books AND a historical romance with no paranormal elements – the bad news being that it’ll only be out in 2009, I suppose.

And Jo Beverley is also working on a new Georgian – she mentions this in an interview on the Word Wenches blog, posted to promote her latest paperback release “Lady Beware”.  I finished it the other day and really liked it – Ms Beverley always delivers a good story.  I loved the romance and chemistry between Thea and Darien, and I liked reading Darien’s angst-y viewpoint.  My main quibble is that it wasn’t entirely a standalone book – many characters from her previous Rogues books make an appearance to help resolve the main plot conflict.  Not a major minus point overall, so yes, it was a good read.


6 thoughts on “Around the Web

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  2. I have to agree, I like Daughter of the Game much better as a title. It describes the story so well, and you’re right, Secrets of a Lady sounds blah. The former is a title which would make me want to see what the book is about, while the latter, I’d probably skip right over.

    Re: MJP, here’s something someone in one of my reading groups shared. This is an email from the author.

    I’m changing publishers and the new editor prefers straight
    historicals like the Fallen Angels, so I’m taking the guys from
    Marriage Spell and changing the backstory and names a bit. I’m now
    working on the Duke of Ashton, who used to be the Duke of Ashby.
    No magic, but otherwise the same guy.”

    Hmm, I don’t think I like this idea very much.

  3. Interesting! I wonder why she’s doing that, rather than creating an entirely new cast of characters. Maybe she’s already sketched out his story?

    The fact that she *can* do that, though, seems to imply that the paranormal elements weren’t integral to her world/characters to start with – which is probably part of the reason I’ve been a bit on the fence with regards to her (and some other romance authors) paranormal romances. A lot of them appear to be romance, with some random magic elements added, so that they can be labelled paranormal.

    Oh well, I still think she is a good author – and I’ll be getting “A Distant Magic”, maybe in paperback though, will wait for the reviews!

  4. Thanks for mentioning my updated website! So great to know people are finding it. I’m quite happy with “Secrets of a Lady” as a title (to me it has a great nineteenth-century novel sound) but I did love “Daughter of the Game”. It actuall comes from a quote from Shakespeare’s “Troilus & Cressida”, Ullysses’s deeply cynical comments on Cressida, whom he dismisses as a “daughter of the game”:

    Nay, her foot speaks; her wanton spirits look out
    At every joint and motive of her body.
    O, these encounterers, so glib of tongue,
    That give a coasting welcome ere it comes,
    And wide unclasp the tables of their thoughts
    To every ticklish reader! set them down
    For sluttish spoils of opportunity,
    And daughters of the game.”
    Act IV, Scene V

    So the game in the quote is sexual intrigue, but what I love about the title is that game can also refer to espionage, war, politics (the actual “Great Game” is later nineteenth century, as is England/Russia, I think) and so many different levels of the story.

    Btw, my original title for the book was “The End of Reckoning”, which I sitll love, based on a title from “Measure for Measure””

    …Truth is truth
    To the end of reckoning.
    “Measure for Measure”, Act V, Scene I


  5. Ah, interesting, thanks for clarifying. You captured what I liked about the first title, i.e. the fact it works on so many different levels!

    “The End of Reckoning” is an interesting one – it doesn’t shout romance to me, then again, your book isn’t straight romance…

  6. I think “The End of Reckoning” probably works better with the quote than on its own, which makes it somewhat probelmatic as a title. “Daughter of the Game”, believe it or not, was a title I tossed out in desperation after my publisher had rejected list after list of alternatives I came up with. ‘Secrest of a Lady” was much the same.


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