Back Again…

Sigh.  I’m really starting to hate my ISP.  I’ve had intermittent internet connection for the past week – intermittent being three minutes online before being cut off for about an hour…  It seems to have sorted itself out now, so fingers crossed it stays this way.  I need a new ISP.  Aaaarggghhh…

Anyway, instead of wasting spending time online, I’ve been reading.  Lots and lots of books.  Amazon came through with two deliveries, just in time for the weekend – and guess what?  Five Eloisa James books. 

I’m so on a Eloisa James glom.  And I think it’s a major one now.

I’m not sure why I was in the mood for her kind of historical romances, but I just was.  Actually I do.  I was in the mood for the traditional Big Misunderstanding plot (which probably features in every single book of hers).  And I really love the way she writes about a whole cast of characters and secondary romances, rather than just focusing on the main hero and heroine.  Heck, sometimes I find the secondary romance more fascinating than the main one – in a way, the main romance in Ms James’ books is probably defined as being the one described in the back cover blurb, as opposed to the one taking up the most page time or focus!

So I pretty much finished her Pleasures trilogy and the Duchess quartet in the past week.  I think of Pleasures, I liked “Midnight Pleasures” best, because of the hilariously err… weak plot.  You do have to suspend belief at some point, but if you read it as a comedy farce, it works.  And in the Duchess quartet, I really liked “A Wild Pursuit” – again, really because of the comedic situations the characters end up in.

I thought “Enchanting Pleasures” (the final book in her Pleasures trilogy) was the weakest – not because it was the worst of the bunch, but because she completely changed the character of Peter Dewland who also featured in the first two books.  I thought it was rather inconsistent.  Oh, and I know I mentioned historical accuracies in my last post – I think the thing that bugs me the most is the incorrect usage of titles in her books.  It was most obvious in the Duchess books, when she kept on referring to Countess Godwin all the way through. 

‘Nuff grumbling.  Eloisa James got me through an internet-less weekend!


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