Around the Web

Suzanne Brockmann‘s done a mini-overhaul of her website (and about time too!).  Also on the website is a new excerpt from her August 2007 release “Force of Nature” and the cover for her Christmas novella “All Through The Night”.  I’ve no idea who the main character is in the novella – all the blurb says is a “popular Troubleshooter”.  However, apparently there’s lots of Sam and Alyssa!

Julia Quinn‘s released two more 2nd epilogues – for “Romancing Mr Bridgerton” and “When He Was Wicked”.  I caved and bought them (and had to download the new Adobe Digital Edition software as well – very black and slick-looking) – am off to read them now!


2 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. It’s definitely an improvement over how it used to look – and I actually prefer it to websites such as Julie Garwood’s, which looks very good but is practically impossible to find anything!

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