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Eloisa James has posted an extra chapter to “Duchess In Love” (free registration required).  It takes the form of letters written by Gina to Cam, from when she was eleven to the start of the book – I liked the book, so it was a nice sweet and short reminder of their story.

A couple of interesting blog posts on covers are up – the first talking about “repeat” covers and the use of stock photography (link via Bookseller Chick), and the second on the Eos blog (Eos being the SF/F imprint of Harper Collins). 

Patricia Briggs posted an excerpt of her upcoming novella in the “On the Prowl” anthology (August 2007).  It’s set in the same world as “Moon Called” and “Blood Bound”, and will start off another series.  Which means we’ll get a new book from Ms Briggs every six months – hurray!  The other authors in the anthology are Eileen Wilks, Karen Chance and Sunny – I really like the first two authors’ books (haven’t read a Sunny book before) so am definitely getting this book when it comes out.

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