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Sarah Monette’s posted the first three chapters of her upcoming book “The Mirador” (dark fantasy – August 2007) on her website.  This is one of my definite hardcover purchases for August, as I really liked the second book in the series (“The Virtu”).  I liked the first book (“Melusine”) as well, but it was the second that really grabbed my attention.

There’s a very interesting post on the Word Wenches blog on horses *grin*.  I don’t ride, so this answered all my questions about riding sidesaddle and doubling up, and a few other questions I hadn’t thought about!

Anne Bishop‘s posted the cover of the new Black Jewels novel “Tangled Webs” (out March 2008) on her website.  Umm… unusually, I’m not in love with this – maybe because the model doesn’t really fit my mental image of how Surreal looks like (yes, it’s meant to be Surreal).  Whereas with the trilogy covers, the model fits my image of Jaenelle more closely.  Hmm… maybe that’s the problem with using photographic shots.  But I’m very much looking forward to this book!


7 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. LOVE Sarah Monette’s books. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get readers to try her but Felix’s character is very off-putting along with the m/m romance that’s in both books. I loved both and will reread The Virtu in prep for The Mirador. I haven’t read the three chapters on her site. I don’t want to tease myself.

  2. I did find Felix rather off-putting in the first book, but liked Mildmay & the worldbuilding enough to stick with it. And it def paid off, because Felix was so much more sympathetic in the second book. I didn’t mind the m/m romance, and it’s actually rather subtle, isn’t it? I read the first chapter and then told myself to STOP. One more month to go…

    I didn’t know about the Elizabeth Bear collaboration – isn’t she primarily a SF author? Interesting. I know Sarah Monette also has a short story collection out now (or soon, anyway), but I’m not a major short story fan, so am holding off for the mo.

  3. Yes, it’s a collaborative effort, looks good (Bear and Monette book). Also, I’m not a big short story fan either but I’m told her short stories are pretty good especially the one in Queen in Winter. Can’t wait to see what our reactions will be to her book. I’ll be looking for a review!*g*

  4. Book meaning, “The Mirador”. I just go home, barely, it flooded around my job and I stay a good 30 minutes from home. So it good took a good hour and a half to get home today 🙂 Later.

  5. I’d love to do a picture of the bookshelf, but I don’t have a camera at the moment. Both my digital cameras have broken. I need to get another one. I’ll probably end up borrowing a camera before that happens! As for the flat, sometimes there are creative ways to add bookshelves, like above windows, etc. I know it’s hard, I hate having books lying around everywhere too. And they just keep coming!

  6. Keishon – I have “The Queen in Winter” and I liked both the Sarah Monette and Sharon Shinn ones. Hope the weather’s better now – it’s been a beautiful weekend here 🙂

    Erin – Ah, I’m just being nosy, I like to see other people’s books 🙂

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