Books for July

I’ve been completely caught up in the tennis for the past couple of days, hence the lack of updates.  Just watched the Federer-Nadal final, which was the perfect end to the tournament.  Though I’m not sure what happened to Federer in the fourth set – I thought he was about to lose it for a couple of minutes.  HawkEye hasn’t been very good to him, though.  Also, the slightly irreverent BBC News live text commentary (Sunday link here) is brilliant for keeping you up to date while you’re in the office – it offers up gems such as this:

1400: The big boys are out on Centre Court after some ‘after you Claude’ dithering over who should step through the door first. Nadal does so rather grudgingly, 15-0 Federer.

It’s definitely kept me amused at my computer!  Anyway, it’s over for another year – so back to the books…

312l32zphsl__aa_sl160_.jpg21oenpzxmwl__aa_sl160_.jpgI don’t think there are many books coming out in July that I’m looking forward to – obviously, there’s JK Rowling‘s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.  I’ve to say the more I read and think about it, the more I think Harry is going to be killed off.  So, do you think Harry is going to die?  Also, is the adult version of the hardcover better than the children’s?  I normally like the kid’s version better, but this time round, they’ve made Harry and the rest of the gang look rather weird.  Mmmm, I’ve to think about which version I’m going to buy!

21mf17n627l__aa_sl160_.jpgAlso, I will probably be getting Mary Jo Putney‘s “A Distant Magic”.  I know I’ve moaned about her paranormals and cheered the fact that she’s returning to straight historicals, but, well, the excerpt‘s rather good.  Also, the cover’s really nice – yes, I’m shallow.

21v0lokjxsl__aa_sl160_.jpgUmm… not quite sure if Linda Howard‘s “Up Close and Dangerous” counts as a July book, as it’s being released towards the end of the month in the UK.  But anyway, I’m getting it whenever it’s coming out.  Blurb courtesy of Romantic Advances:

A mysterious plane crash . . . a dangerous trek through the Idaho wilderness . . . a smoldering attraction . . . and a deadly game of cat and mouse. In her latest tour de force of romantic suspense, New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard blends these elements into a gripping story that will keep readers breathless – and leave them begging for more. For in Linda Howard’s world, trust can be a weapon, a kiss can be a threat, and intimacy can be deadly.

Bailey Wingate’s scheming adult stepchildren are surprised when their father’s will leaves Bailey in control of their fortune, and war ensues. A year later, while flying from Seattle to Denver in a small plane, Bailey nearly dies herself when the engine sputters – and then fails.

Cam Justice, her sexy Texan pilot, manages to crash-land the aircraft. Stranded in the wilderness, and struggling to douse her feelings for the ruggedly handsome man by her side, Bailey begins to wonder whether this was a mere accident. Sure enough, upon her return to civilization Bailey’s suspicions mount: Who tampered with their plane? Who’s trying to reunite Bailey and her husband in the afterlife? Trusting her life – and heart – to Cam, Bailey must outwit a killer who will stop at nothing to finish the job.

21y9-xahjdl__aa_sl160_.jpgSounds like classic Howard! 

And finally, maybe Nora Roberts‘ “High Noon”…  I don’t normally rush to get Ms Roberts’ books, but I like her romantic suspense, so this goes on to my Buy list.


5 thoughts on “Books for July

  1. My wish list for July looks pretty much like yours. I’m getting the adult version of the Harry Potter (already pre-ordered at my bookstore). The last time I got the children’s version, but for this books I didn’t like it at all. Much too busy and I agree, they look weird. Harry’s front teeth make him look like a rabbit and Hermione’s cheeks are strangely red.

    As for the million dollar question, sadly, I’m thinking he’ll die. Just preparing for the worst here… if he doesn’t die, I’ll be happily surprised and if he does, it’s no more than I expected.

  2. The only book on my radar this month is the final HP book. No other books have interested me so far.

    The children covers are nice, but I prefer the adult covers. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to buy the adult hardcovers in a boxed set from I think they’re much better than the American editions (the ones I have).

  3. I haven’t seen the covers of all the American editions, but have just had a look at the box set on Amazon. You’re right, it is nice – but I’d imagine it’s the shipping that would really add to the price? Unless… they count the entire box set as one item 😉

  4. Wicked nice cover for JK Rowling’s last book. I need to order a copy. I haven’t read Nora in quite sometime. Her writing is nice–she’s got the craft down pretty good, obviously. I just needed a break to read..other people. My big reads are coming in AUGUST: Karin Slaughter and Sarah Monette.

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