E-book Readers

Heh.  My first post on this subject – mainly because ebooks are not big in the UK.  However, things could change, because for the first time, an ebook reader was featured in the lifestyle section of a Sunday national newspaper.  Sure, it was a very short article and more along the lines of a “technology of the future” device, rather than a “buy this now”-type article – but it’s a start!

As much as I want an ebook reader, I think £445 (approx US$900) is a bit steep for the iLiad.  It looks brilliant, though, and has wi-fi.  I wonder how it compares to the Bookeen (estimated price £400)?

Okay, I’ve just changed my location on the iLiad website to US and the price is now $699.  So I get to pay an extra $200 because I live in the UK?  Talk about “Rip-Off Britain”.  Until the price of ebook readers come down to a reasonable range, I don’t think I’ll be be buying many ebooks.  Sigh.


4 thoughts on “E-book Readers

  1. Have you checked out the ebookwise (www.ebookwise.com)? That’s the one I have, and it works wonderfully for me. Not as beautiful and cutting edge as the ones you mention above, but for its price (about $140 US… around £70?) it’s great quality and a good way to try and see if ebooks readers might be for you.

    The only problem might be that they ship only to the US and Canada, but you could do as I did and have an American friend forward it to you. Then it’s just getting a voltage adaptor (the charger comes with 110 V input) and voilà, ready to go.

  2. I did have a look and yes, it was the “US & Canada only” that put me off. But if all I need is a voltage adaptor… hmmm, I need to take a closer look now 🙂

  3. Love the blog and your taste. Never commented before but I wished someone had told me about e-readers years ago and I’m totally hooked on my sony ereader and it saves me a small fortune as I have friends with similar taste and there are surprising number of free books out there. It only needs an adaptor (about £8)
    Again it’s a USA only thing – but I got mine on ebay for about £180 and I estimate it’s already saved me 4 times that since i sold loads of my books once I got the e-version 😉

    A friend got an illiad (we swopped for a weekend) and she says now she wished she’d got a sony and as much as I liked hers it was no better than mine and I couldn’t see how it was worth almost 2.5 times the cost
    Anyway hope it helps – if you get one and need any info on free book sites with many of the books you/I seem to like just drop me a note.

  4. Kat – thanks so much for the info, v helpful! I keep on thinking I should really get an e-reader just because of the amount of space I would save.

    Do you buy ebooks from any of the US sites? And if so, are there any restrictions on buying from the UK?

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