Today’s Shopping Trip

So I decided to go shopping today.  After spending an obscene amount on lotions, potions, etc, I stopped by Borders for a breather and came out with a few unexpected books – by unexpected, I mean books I wasn’t planning to get but I got ambushed by the summer offers!  And I felt I deserved a treat after braving the crowds on Oxford Street…

21i-v2bexm2l__aa_sl160_.jpgMe and Mr Darcy (Alexandra Potter) – Emily has sworn off men and booked a tour of “Jane Austen country” (i.e. somewhere in England – have no idea where exactly) where she just happens to meet a real-life Mr Darcy.  Ah, I don’t know quite why I bought it (apart from the discount) – it’s chick-lit, and me and chick-lit don’t quite get along.  Having said that, I’ve read a couple of promising reviews for this book, the heroine is an avid reader (hence the Darcy hook), and it does have a sweet cover!

21selc2bt2b2l__aa_sl160_.jpg21c4-u5kxl__aa_sl160_.jpgThe Unfortunate Miss Fortunes (Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart) – Lukewarm online reviews on this book, I believe.  In the UK, it’s published by the Little Black Dress imprint, hence the slightly different cover (yes, I was sad enough to check – heck, I’ll put the US cover up on the right).  I think the LBD imprint is trying to target younger modern women, but somehow the image is putting me off – maybe it’s trying too hard to be sassy and cute.  Anyway, it had a “Buy One, Get One Free” offer, so I picked this one and a Rachel Gibson book (see below).  Interestingly, the authors’ names are almost hidden away – in fact, on all of their books, you have to have a proper look at the covers to identify the author.  Maybe they’re trying to brand them more as a line of books, instead of by author.  Umm… I’ll stop speculating now.  Anyway, I’ve never read any of these authors before – it looks to be a light and fun read.

31g19smm0yl__aa_sl160_.jpg21ykxpvn64l__aa_sl160_.jpgDaisy’s Back in Town (Rachel Gibson) – Again, I’ve never read any of Rachel Gibson’s books before – not sure why, actually!  This is an older book, I think – the copyright page says 2004.  The LBD cover is on the left, and the original Avon one on the right.  Again, very different!  I have to say I prefer the LBD cover for this book – I like the silhouette design and the colour scheme.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Shopping Trip

  1. I think LBD is trying to brand itself, rather than the authors. It’s trying to do what Black Lace has done for itself in the UK market.

    I definitely like the Unfortunate Miss Fortunes’s US cover better. I think it’s sharper.

  2. Let’s see if their branding strategy works – I personally would prefer to see the author’s name placed prominently on the covers.

    I suppose it may help cross-sell books by different authors, though having said that, the previous LBD books I read were a bit “blah” and if I hadn’t recognised the authors, I wouldn’t have bought these two at all!

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