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Patricia Briggs has put up the cover for the third Mercy book (“Iron Kissed”, out January 2008).  Is it just me, or does the cover model look different in this one?  Actually, I thought the model for the second book looked different to the first book as well, so never mind.   

Naomi Novik‘s announced the title of the fifth Temeraire book – “Victory of Eagles”, coming out June 2008.  The fourth book “Empire of Ivory” is out in September – not long more!

I signed up for Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s newsletter and she (or her publisher, anyway) has been emailing me excerpts from her latest book “Fear the Darkness”.  So if you’re interested, go and sign up.  Which reminds me – I still haven’t read her latest book “The Dream-Hunter”.

31q2rsc8nil__aa_sl160_.jpgETA:  Just checked the UK release date for the Temeraire novel and it’s November.  And in hardcover (and double the price).  Methinks I may just be getting the US edition…

3 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Erin – thank you! Your site is really cool as well, I love all your sidebar widgets.

    Susan – I *loved* the first Temeraire book, it was just so unique and yet completely “real” as well. Naomi Novik combined fantasy with history seamlessly, and I thought she captured the atmosphere of the times really well. A definite rec, esp if you like dragons! Or even if you don’t 🙂

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