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A long-ish interview with Lois McMaster Bujold on Karen Miller’s Livejournal (via the Eos blog).  There is one mention of a new Miles book, but slightly depressingly, it sounds as though she hasn’t even decided on the plot yet.  Sigh.  While we’re on the subject, I’ve seen Karen Miller’s book “The Innocent Mage” around the New Releases section, but haven’t really picked it up.  Maybe I’ll go have a peek the next time I’m in the store.  Hmm… according to her website, it was released in Australia / NZ back in 2005 – I’m guessing it’s just been released in the UK then.

A tiny excerpt from the yet-untitled seventh Outlander book has been posted on Diana Gabaldon’s website.  I’m guessing that the fact that it still hasn’t been titled means it’s not coming out any time soon.  I wonder how heavy it’ll be? 

A bit late now – but Jo Beverley did an interesting post on cross-dressing the other day at the Word Wenches blog.  She talks about a real historical figure – Chevalier D’Eon – who features as a secondary character in one of her books.  Truth being stranger than fiction and all that.  And the most interesting bit – he’s now starring in a new anime feature!

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