Just because I’m bored

Here are ten books from my bookshelf in the living room, which I’ve been meaning to re-organise for months now – completely randomly: 

  • Lee Child‘s “One Shot”:  I like Lee Child and Jack Reacher.  It’s funny, but I suppose if you look at my Books I Want lists, TBR pile, etc. – you probably wouldn’t figure me as a Lee Child reader.  But I am – in fact, I’m re-reading “Tripwire” right now.
  • Sharon Shinn‘s “Angel Seeker”:  One of her Samaria books.  Good, but not as great as the first three books in this series.  I love Sharon Shinn.  And I have all her books.
  • Janet Evanovich‘s “Hard Eight”:  Part of her Stephanie Plum series.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the latest entry in this series (“Lean Mean Thirteen”), but these books are still worth a re-read.
  • Naomi Novik‘s “Black Powder War”:  Third Temeraire book.  I’ve the US mass-market edition from last August, because the UK paperback version has literally just been released.  An entire year after the States.  Methinks the publisher’s mad.
  • Cathy Kelly‘s “Best of Friends”:  Cathy Kelly’s an Irish chick-lit author.  I know I often say I don’t do chick-lit – but there are actually three authors I do buy: Cathy Kelly, Marian Keyes, and Anna Maxted.  Marian Keyes is probably the queen of chick-lit, and Anna Maxted tackles really serious issues (one that sticks in my mind was anorexia), but in a humorous way.  Actually, all three of them do – maybe it’s a subgenre of chick-lit and I should stop lumping all of them together.  Hmm… I need to think about this
  • Laurell K Hamilton‘s “Cerulean Sins”:  Book 11 in the Anita Blake series.  What happens in this one?  Err… can’t quite remember, and even scanning the back-cover blurb doesn’t give me a clue!  Anita re-animates a corpse.
  • Mercedes Lackey‘s “Exile’s Honor”:  Umm… one of her Valdemar books – this is one of her later ones, and is Alberich’s story (one of the secondary characters in the original Arrows of the Queen trilogy).  I’ll be honest – IMO, the later Valdemar books can’t be compared to the first couple of trilogies (which I loved), so I can’t really remember much about this story.  Or even when I last read it.
  • Catherine Asaro‘s “The Last Hawk”:  One of her Skolian Empire books.  Errr… I love her SF books, and I bought this as part of an Asaro glom probably a couple of years ago now.  Haven’t re-read it in ages, but I remember liking this.  Okay, I just looked at the blurb and it’s about Kelric landing on that matriachal planet.  Some bittersweet romance here – good book.
  • Georgette Heyer‘s “Devil’s Cub”:  Ah, sequel to “These Old Shades”, which is probably one of my favourite Heyers.  I like this one as well, but even more so because we get to see a glimpse of the Duke of Avon and Leonie at the end.
  • Kelley Armstrong‘s “Haunted”:  Eve’s story!  Probably one of my favourite in her Otherworld series.  I really liked the whole Savannah-Paige-Lucas interaction in this story.

Heh.  That was fun – and a really quick and easy post to write, actually.  I may do more of this in the future.

Also a fairly accurate reflection of the books I read – 3 contemporary (Child, Evanovich, Kelly), 4 SF/Fantasy (Shinn, Novik, Asaro, Lackey), 2 Urban Fantasy-ish (Hamilton, Armstrong), and 1 Historical Romance (Heyer).

5 thoughts on “Just because I’m bored

  1. I didn’t realize there was Lucas-Paige-Savannah interaction in Haunted! It’s the only Otherworld book I haven’t read yet, and I think you’ve just persuaded me to read it. Because I lurve Lucas. I don’t know why. I just do.

    And Anna Maxted is great! I have her newest one in the TBR—can’t remember the name right now, something about sisters.

    I just put up an ode to Sharon Shinn on my blog. Lol. I need to give Samaria another try. I read the first book and was annoyed by the heroine so much that I never got any farther, even though I liked her writing.

  2. Jennie – I like Lucas too! I don’t know why – maybe it’s the fact that he’s very quiet, studious almost, until he rides to the rescue… I also find his interactions with his family fascinating – how he deals with his overpowering dad and ambitious brothers, hmmm… I could go on. Anyway, because Haunted is Eve’s story, she’s trying to keep an eye on Savannah from err… afar, and obviously since Savannah is living with Paige & Lucas, there’s a lot of them!

    Rosario – I like the first three Samaria books best because of the huge twist, now that it’s been revealed and resolved, Angel Seeker wasn’t as fascinating to me. Also, it focuses on two women in quite separate threads, IIRC, so in a way, the story’s less in-depth, if that makes sense. Still a good book though 🙂

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