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Suzanne Brockmann has posted an excerpt from her November release “All Through the Night” (spoilers if you haven’t yet read “Force of Nature”).  I’m guessing all Jules fans will definitely be getting this.  I’m really looking forward to this – have checked the price on, and despite it being a hardcover, it’s retailing for £7.60, which isn’t that bad, since most mass market paperbacks sell for about £6.99 on the high street.  And at 306 pages, it is much longer than Janet Evanovich’s hardcover Valentine novella, which I remember moaning about in February (and which I bought anyway). 

21x46wfwrll__aa_sl160_.jpgAnd Diana Gabaldon‘s posted another excerpt from “Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade”, which I have just bought today.  It’s been published in trade paperback here – cheaper and lighter!  Very nice cover too.

2 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I think she gets great covers. When I did an search for her books, all the Outlander books came up with beautiful landscape-y type covers – all really suiting the mood and feel of the books, IMO.

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