I won, I won!

I entered because I was intrigued by the quiz – and really didn’t expect to win, because I don’t win contests… seriously, I don’t.

21ypizlafbl__aa_sl160_.jpgBut you know, doing a quiz to figure out which of Nalini Singh‘s Psy/Changeling heroes are for you – that was fun and interesting.  And as a way of reminding peeps that “Caressed by Ice” was out in September?  Really good idea.

And this means now I definitely have to read CBI this weekend.  Err… not really a hardship, because I was going to anyway!

Thank you, Nalini! 😀

3 thoughts on “I won, I won!

  1. Boo! I wanted to win!

    LOL. I’m kidding! Well, I did want to win but I’m happy for you too, so congratulations!

    It’s so fun to win stuff. I hardly ever win contests either so when I do I’m especially ecstatic.

    Enjoy! 😀

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