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21a5egw6lzl__aa_sl160_.jpgEloisa James has posted the first half of the preface to her next book “An Affair Before Christmas” (second book in the Desperate Duchesses series – coming out November 2007).  What I like about Ms James’ books is that they usually take unexpected twists – she manages to turn a traditional romance into something slightly different.  Am looking forward to this one!

Suzanne Brockmann‘s posted an afterword of sorts for “Force of Nature” (link via csquared’s blog).  Warning: spoilers galore, if you haven’t yet read FoN!  I love the way she described how her characters “forced” her to write the story she did – and I’m really glad they did 🙂 

And there’s a Lois McMaster Bujold interview up on the Baen website, where she talks at length about her career.  I don’t think she’s mentioned anything new that I haven’t already read somewhere, but she does talk a bit about how the new Miles omnibus “Miles, Mutants and Microbes” came about.

6 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Glad you posted about Suzanne Brockmann’s afterword, I think I would have missed it otherwise. I haven’t had a chance to read Force of Nature properly yet. (I did the dreaded skim read thing). But I’m looking forward to being able to sit down and read it and to take everything in. And I’m very much looking forward to the novella.

  2. After “Into the Storm”, I wasn’t that excited about Force of Nature, esp since I didn’t know the main h/h. But I actually liked it a lot more than I expected… oh heck, I may as well say it – it had Jules! And the action/suspense part of it was pretty good too 🙂

  3. Yeah – I’m ashamed to admit my main interest was Jules and Robin. So I’ve read their story whilst skipping over Annie and Ric. So I need to go back and read the whole thing properly. I’m glad they’re getting their own novella.

    I’ve been watching Brothers and Sisters – despite avowing not to. And Jason Lewis(?) is now Robin Chadwick for me.

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