New books

Here’s what I picked up today:

  • “The Mirror Prince” by Violette Malan (fantasy).  The power of cover quotes!  I wouldn’t have given this book a second glance, if the front cover hadn’t had a quote by Charlaine Harris.  So I picked it up, glanced at the back – and hey, a Tanya Huff quote (“… given a complex, high fantasy world a very readable contemporary voice” if you’re interested).  So I actually started reading the first few pages and thought it intriguing enough to toss into my basket.
  • “The Master of Blacktower” and “Ammie, Come Home” by Barbara Michaels (mystery) – Am starting to build up my collection of Barbara Michaels now.  “Ammie, Come Home” was strongly rec’d by Rosario (if I remember correctly), while “The Master of Blacktower” has a scarred and tortured hero according to the back cover blurb – so hey, why not.  I’d have bought more, but I’ve a few coming from Amazon, and I’m incredibly bad at remembering what I’ve ordered online.  Oh damn, I’ve just checked and what I really wanted was “Stitches in Time”, which is related to “Shattered Silk” and “Ammie, Come Home”.  Sigh – next time.
  • “Driven” by Eve Kenin (fantasy) – After all the uproar about the Shomi line (all publicity being good publicity, or something like?), I was on the lookout for their books.  This one appears to be the most popular among reviewers, and the concept (truck-driving in a post-apocalyptic world?) fascinated me, so am giving it a go.

6 thoughts on “New books

  1. Li

    I own nearly all her books and trust me – I love nearly all of them. I’ve been in a big mode to reread her lately and review for the site. Let me know what you think of the new ones!

    I just read Master of Blacktower for the first time a few days ago. It’s a good one, very different as it’s a sort of historical type, which she usually doesn’t delve into much. Ammie Come Home is also very good!

  2. I finished MoB the other day, found it very Gothic (in a good way!). But I’ve found that I like her recent books (recent being relative – I mean the ones written in the 1980s) more than the ones written earlier, so maybe I need to check that before I buy. I think your reviews are great, btw – she has so many out that I need help choosing them!

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