Ebook readers again

No, I still don’t have one, but Sony may launch their ebook reader in the UK next year, according to the BookSeller.com website (link via MobileRead). 

If this is true, I would so definitely get it, even though I bet the price would be double what it is in the States (currently $299, approx £150).  I really want an ebook reader, but I’ve been hesitating because I would have to buy it sight unseen.  And since the Sony Reader isn’t officially meant to be sold outside the States, I was worried that I’d have trouble buying ebooks with a non-US credit card.

What I was planning to do was to go for a holiday in the States, drop by a Borders (or a Sony store – I wasn’t too fussed) and have a proper look at the Reader and possibly buy one.  But now – hmm… should I just wait until April and see what happens?  It should be cheaper than the iLiad (definitely) or Bookeen (maybe), but am not quite sure how much cheaper.  Decisions, decisions…

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