Eloisa James stuff – and her website

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I’m a bit of an Eloisa James fangirl – yes, a rather recent one, true, but I just love her books.  She’s just posted a couple of bonus bits on her site – firstly, the second half of the preface to her new book “An Affair Before Christmas” (Nov 2007), and a new take on Chapter 3 in Desperate Duchesses (free registration required for the latter). 

Ms James has rewritten Chapter 3 from Damon’s point of view – it’s the scene where he first meets Roberta.  What’s even better is her commentary at the end of the scene, explaining how she approached the rewrite – a behind-the-scenes type article.  It’s fascinating stuff.

And finally, she has a guest article from Lisa Kleypas up, who does some promo on her new release “Mine Till Midnight”.  I love the way Ms Kleypas described the Hathaway family as a historical Beverly Hillbillies-type family.  Heh.  And the way she described Cam… “Mine Till Midnight” has just been bumped to the top of my TBR pile!

Eloisa James has one of the best author websites around, IMO.  I was browsing around her site, and came across this page, where her webmaster (webmistress?) described how they put together her website.  The amount of work and attention to detail that went into creating the look and feel of her website amazes me – and it’s really easy to navigate too, unlike some other Flash-heavy websites that shall remain nameless… 

I then popped over to the web design company’s site, and looked at all the other romance authors who use them – it’s a pretty impressive list of names!  I’m actually not surprised that they do Julia Quinn’s and Laura Lee Guhrke’s as well, I thought they felt similar – not in terms of style, but in the basic framework and layout, if that makes sense.


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