Suzanne Brockmann’s “All Through the Night”

21pthbsdhal__aa_sl160_.jpgI finished “All Through the Night” yesterday – I loved it, but then I’m a massive Jules fan.  If you’re not, I suspect this book may not be for you… 

WARNING:  Major spoilers if you haven’t read ATTN yet below – I can’t not discuss this book and not give away some plotlines.  So do not read if you haven’t yet read ATTN!  Also, slight spoilers if you haven’t read “Force of Nature” – but then again, if you haven’t read it by now, I figure you’re not a massive fan and therefore won’t care if you get spoiled.  I think. 

Right, now that the spoiler warnings are out of the way…

ATTN is unashamedly a Jules book – it’s a must-have for all Jules fans.  It’s like an epilogue stretched out over a full-length novel.  Okay, not a full-length novel Brockmann-style, but maybe a Mills & Boons-type length.  You know when you reach the end of a romance, read the five-pager epilogue and think “I want more”.  Well, this is “more”, and then some.

I loved it.  I loved seeing Jules and Robin get together (the proposal!), and work through all their trust issues.  I think they reached closure on many of their outstanding questions.  And throw in the crazed stalker, a cameo from Adam, and oh, the wedding day events – it kept me smiling.  I can just imagine Ms Brockmann thinking “now everything’s going smoothly, hmmm… so how can I throw a spanner into the works?”…

And we get Sam’s POV as well.  I don’t think I’ll ever say any book had too much Sam and Alyssa.  They  were the first Brockmann couple that truly got to me, mainly because of the way their story carried on through so many books.  When they finally got together, it was so emotionally satisfying.  And that’s the same way I feel about Jules and Robin.

So do I say it’s probably not for the Jules non-fans?  Well, the secondary h/h pairing just didn’t work.  I really didn’t get the love at first sight thing, and the things Will does – well, I couldn’t really care for him after that.  Honesty and integrity are a bit of a hot spot for me, and I think he crossed the line.  Yes, Ms Brockmann sort of tries to explain why he does it (and yes, his niece was cute), but it just wasn’t convincing enough.  And I liked Dolphina, but I couldn’t really figure out why she was attracted to Will.  Apart from the physical attraction part, which again, wasn’t all that convincing.  So if you’re not reading for the Jules-Robin HEA, I don’t think it works.

Also, I would have liked to see – oh, and this feels like tempting fate a bit – what would happen if Robin had a relapse?  But then, I suspect it would take just a bit too long to deal with the aftermath of that, so perhaps it’s well that Ms Brockmann didn’t explore that possibility.  But oh, the angst.  The possibilities.  Heh.  I’m so evil.  I do think there are a couple of loose threads left open, e.g. is Jules transferring to Boston permanently?

By the by, what is it with the babies in this one?  Is Ms Brockmann taking a sly potshot at the romance HEA?  LOL.

Finally, my favourite line ever is now “My safe word is monkey”.  I choked on my tea when I read that.  You have to read it to appreciate it.

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