There’s nothing like new books…

I haven’t been reading much lately – mostly due to longer hours at work, the start of the Christmas party season, and err… a rather unhealthy obsession with “Strictly Come Dancing”.  But does this stop me from buying yet more books?  Nooooo…

I picked up the new Eloisa James – “An Affair Before Christmas”.  I’ve said this a dozen times already but wow, beautiful cover.  Really.

215gbh7m4wl__aa_sl160_.jpgAlso, a new-to-me author – Jenna Black‘s “The Devil Inside”.  I’m a bit urban fantasy-ed out, but this had a Kelley Armstrong quote on the cover.  I’m so gullible.  Heh.  Another good cover, though I’ve lost count of the number of urban fantasies with the back of the model on the cover.  With a tattoo.

And came across three Elizabeth Peters that I haven’t read yet – “The Copenhagen Connection”, “The Murders of Richard III” and “Die for Love”.  The latter two appear to be part of the Jacqueline Kirby series.

So five new books in the TBR pile – I’d better start reading!


2 thoughts on “There’s nothing like new books…

  1. Thanks so much for the comment on the page, I’m glad you like it 🙂

    As for the bloglines feeder, I think I know the problem. When blogger has problems with displaying a header with the custom domain name, to show the picture I had to mess around with the code and ultimately take down the Title, because otherwise it shows two pictures. It’s a known issue with their system and I wish they would get it fixed soon! Truthfully I don’t understand a lot about the blog and RSS feeds, I need to figure those things out too lol.

    I just finished my second Elizabeth Peters book, a Vicki Bliss story, Borrower of the night. I didn’t like the story much but I love her writing style. I have a few more of hers to read, Ive always been a huge fan of her Michaels work.
    I believe The Murders of Richard III

  2. Sounds complicated – that’s why I stick with the standard WordPress templates 🙂 (I’m lazy too, but that’s another story)

    I didn’t love the first Vicki Bliss book either, but liked the later ones more. With EP books, I can def tell the difference between ones written early in her career (say 1960s-70s) and the ones written later. While all of them have the same attention to detail (whether Egyptology or art history!), the later ones have better character development and their relationships make the story come alive.

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