December Books

21icbgive7l__aa_sl160_.jpgNew releases that I’m keeping an eye out for this month…

“Shadow Music” by Julie Garwood (historical romance) – I’m really excited about this one!  A new Scottish historical from Julie Garwood *happy dance*  She was one of the first authors who introduced me to romance (along with Judith McNaught and Amanda Quick a.k.a. Jayne Ann Krentz) and I fell in love with her medievals and Scottish historicals.  She then made a slight detour into contemporary romantic suspense, and the quirkiness and the charm of her characters didn’t quite translate.  I wonder if it’s somehow related to “Shadow Dance”, her most recent contemporary (which I haven’t read).  A bit of a blah cover, IMO – suspect the publishers are aiming for a more mainstream audience with this one. It’s only out on the 26th of this month, but I’ll be hoping some bookstores put it out early! 

21ivfs7kgwl__aa_sl160_.jpg“Captain’s Fury by Jim Butcher (fantasy) – Jim Butcher’s probably better known for his Dresden Files series, but I much prefer his Codex Alera books.  I’ve read the first few Dresden Files books and while it’s a rather clever concept (Harry Dresden being a wizard P.I. who solves supernatural crimes), I’ve never really connected with the characters.  The Codex Alera series, on the other hand, is more classic fantasy, and combines great story-telling with a pretty unique world.  I’ve really liked the previous three, and while I’ve no idea whether this is the final book in this series or not, it promises to be a good read.  Excerpt here.

Heh.  I can’t believe there’s only two books I’m anticipating this month (unless I’ve missed off any major releases!).  Well, there’s Diana Gabaldon‘s “Lord John and the Hand of Devils” novella collection – okay, I want this, but I believe I’ve already read two out of the three stories in this one.  And with two hardcovers already on my “I want” list, I can’t really justify getting another hardcover just for one story…


2 thoughts on “December Books

  1. Haven’t read the Codex Alera series. And I’ve kind of slipped out of the Harry Dresden series. This happened when the series got a UK publisher and the next book in the series became hard to get hold of. (As the UK publisher had to catch up).

    If the Lord John collection is the first three novellas I may have to get it. That’s a series I’ve been interested in starting but just never got round to.

  2. I linked to the fourth book’s excerpt on Jim Butcher’s website, but he has pretty long excerpts from the first three books as well, so you can go and have a look to see if it’s your thing? It’s not urban fantasy though, v different from his Dresden series.

    And I really really recommend Lord John! The three novellas are in a hardcover edition (or the large trade paperback size possibly), so I’m not sure if you want to wait until the paperback comes out. I’m pretty sure the first LJ book is in paperback now though.

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