Beedle the Bard worth £1.95 million?

Amazon has bought JK Rowling’s “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” for £1.95 million (full story and pictures on Amazon’s website). 

I admit I was a bit “ehhh” when I heard Ms Rowling was planning on writing this book.  Well, actually, my first thought was “Hand-written?  Who writes books by hand nowadays?  And how difficult will it be to read!”.  The last one probably prompted by my own illegible scrawls…  Anyway, it’s probably safe to say that I wasn’t too excited about another book from the Harry Potter world.

But I think it’s fantastic Amazon has bought the book (though £1.95 million???!!!).  Firstly, all the money goes to charity – so yay for Ms Rowling and Amazon.  Secondly, Amazon will be putting pictures and reviews up on their website (initial ones already up), which means everyone all over the world can actually see what this book looks like (and I’m pretty impressed by Ms Rowling’s illustrations).  And finally, I believe Amazon will be using it to encourage reading amongst kids by doing school tours and exhibits (though I could be just making that up – I swear I read that somewhere but can’t find an online source to verify that).

So, pretty smart publicity move by Amazon.  And hey, I’m glad my numerous book purchases are being used to subsidise things like this 🙂

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