New Vicky Bliss!

Elizabeth Peters has her winter newsletter up on her website, and it says that a new Vicky Bliss book, “The Laughter of Dead Kings”, is out in September 2008  *happy dance*

Sounds vaguely Egyptian, doesn’t it?  I still have to track down the fifth VB book, and since I’ve a thing about reading a series in order, I better make sure I find it before next September!

So, fantastic news – though I admit if it was a new Amelia Peabody, I’d be even happier…

16 thoughts on “New Vicky Bliss!

  1. That is great news! I’d be happy if it was Amelia as well, but I still have a few books to read in that series, but I am almost up to date with the Vicky Bliss books! well…I have 3 books to go but it is more manageable than the 10 or so I have left of Amelia if that makes sense!

  2. I *love* her Amelia books, and they become so much better as the series progresses (not that they weren’t good at the beginning!). Having said that, I’m becoming quite fond of Vicky, and I really like the art history angle – and I’m just happy that a new EP is coming out 🙂

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  4. I must admit, although I have enormous love for Amelia, I almost love the Vicky Bliss novels more! How can you not love John Smythe? Yummy!

    And while a new Amelia book is always welcome, it has been more than 10 years since she published the last Vicky book, making this huge news. I recommend you read Night Train to Memphis, if that’s the one you haven’t read, asap. Seriously the best one and you’ll be glad you don’t have to wait so long for a new one. 🙂

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  6. hi does anybody know if amelia peabody is ready for a new adventure. i really am absolutely dying to read another one. i have finished the series a while now and i am having withdrawal symptoms.haha.

  7. Lolita – I know exactly what you mean! According to the July update on her newly-revamped website, she is working on a new Amelia (yes!) but has no idea as to when it will be released. So good news, sort of.

  8. Amelia and Vicky both are engaging. If you listen to the audio books, which I do, look for Barbara Rosenblatt, who brings the characters to life! That includes Amelia and her crew as well as Vicky and her globe-trotting German, British, and Egpytian cohorts.
    I too had withdrawal once I finished the Amelia series. Having been to Egypt several times, I particularly enjoy the Amelia series.
    Extremely glad to hear that another one is in the works! Yay!

  9. Mare – I struggle with audio books (am very easily distracted!) but I have heard that Ms Rosenblatt’s a wonderful narrator. I may have to try one of the Amelia books and see how it works out.

    I would absolutely love to travel to Egypt – and yes, I can see how actually having been there would add an extra something to the Amelia books! Fingers crossed a new one comes out soon.

  10. i am absolutely living for the new amelia peabody book, im currently reading vicky bliss- i stopped for a while as i kept comparing it to EP’s amelia series(shouldnt do that!).

  11. bookdaze- im now moving on to silhouette in scarlet. il let you all know how that goes. im really enjoying the descriptions of Italy in this book and im starting to develop a fondness to the character of vicky, is there a connecttion between one of the characters in this book and that of amelia??????? ;D

  12. Lolita – Yes, there is! It’s revealed in the last Vicky book, the one this post is about. As long as I don’t compare Vicky to Amelia, I like her just fine. The books definitely get better as the series progresses as well, IMO.

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