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Christmas is an exhausting time of year!  Monday’s mince pies and champagne party started off the week (btw, I do not recommend three-and-a-half glasses of champagne on an empty stomach), Tuesday was a mad after-work dash through the shops to get last-minute presents, Wednesday was a complete disaster at work, and Thursday was the big company Christmas bash.  Had an early night yesterday, and all I want to do now is curl up and have a nice afternoon nap.  I’m fighting temptation here!

Catching up on various blogs and newsletters:

Jo Beverley‘s November newsletter with a cover of her upcoming book “A Lady’s Secret” (April 2008) is here.  Okay, I’m definitely getting this book because she’s one of my auto-buy authors, but I’ve to admit the cover is a bit blah.  Yes, the dress is probably historically accurate, but… it’s not very nice, is it!  I think it’s the bows down the front that put me off.  Anyway, the book’s set in the world of the Mallorens (hurray – love her Georgian stories!) and an excerpt is here.

Also, and it is horribly belated, Tracy Grant wrote a fascinating blog post on character names back in November, both on choosing character names and also how her characters are addressed differently throughout the novel.  She is also posting excerpts from the next Charles and Melanie novel “The Mask of Night” – I’m keeping everything crossed that it will be published soon.  Please.

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